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Hannah Gaudet
Hannah, a math major from VA, has been with CodeIt since 2015 as Social Coordinator and President. What they love about CodeIt is forming friendships with students and discovering what inspires them!
Jennifer McCleary
Jennifer, an electrical engineering and computer science major from CA, has been a part of CodeIt since 2015, first as a mentor and now as the logistics chair. She loves working with the girls and getting to be a part of their introduction to computer science!
Katie Fisher
Lead Instructor
Katie, a computer science and education student, is a lead instructor and has been a mentor, too! She plays the ukulele and harmonic and has a pet hamster. She loves seeing the awesome projects students are able to make by the end of CodeIt!
Libby Aiello
Mentor Coordinator
Libby, a native New Yorker studying computer science, started off in CodeIt as a mentor in 2017. She loves seeing the students get excited about learning and improving their coding skills.
Maddy Abrahams
Student Coordinator
Maddy, a computer science major from New York, joined CodeIt her freshmen year as a mentor in fall 2016. Maddy loves CodeIt because it's incredible watching the girls become more confident in their abilities as engineers, coders, and leaders in only 8 weeks.
Meghana Kamineni
Social Curriculum
A computer science and molecular biology major from Illinois, Meghana joined CodeIt as a mentor in the fall of 2017. Her favorite part of CodeIt is having fun with the girls while learning so many cool coding concepts!
Zoe Klawans
Lead Instructor
Zoe is a computer science and electrical engineering major from California, who has been with CodeIt since Spring 2016. Her favorite part is seeing the students design and make such creative and awesome final projects!
Hannah Chen
External Relations
Hannah is a sophomore in Mathematics with Computer Science from Missouri. She's excited to be a CodeIt mentor this year and help inspire young girls to pursue their passion for STEM!


Maddy Zhang
Maddy is a sophomore studying computer science and hails from Albany, CA. Besides CodeIt, she is also involved in her sorority, MIT Model UN, and a cappella. In her free time, Maddy likes going on midnight runs, binging weird TV shows, and listening to music.
Sarah Spector
Sarah is a freshman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin studying Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. She began mentoring for CodeIt last semester and spending time with the kids and seeing them grow as scientists and as people has her hooked!
Maddie Lee
Maddie is a computer science major from California. She's really excited to join CodeIt! In her free time, she loves playing volleyball, trying new foods, and stalking dog instagrams. She can't wait to see what the girls of CodeIt come up with!
Andrea Bolivar
An Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major, Andrea joined CodeIt in the Fall of 2016 as a mentor. She is excited and eager to work with the girls and to teach them about Computer Science.
Laura Huang
Laura, a mechanical engineering major from Texas, is a new member to the CodeIt team this spring. She is excited to spend time with the girls and see them discover new interests and passions.
Sophia McGowan
Sophia is a computer science major and political science minor from London, England. She is very passionate about privacy policy and women's related issues. This is her first semester as a CodeIt mentor.
Vanshika Jain
Vanshika is from California. She is a freshman studying math and computer science. She is excited to get to know the girls and help grow their abilities.
Allison Htun
Allison is freshman from California majoring in computer science. When she's not playing on the computer, she loves going on food adventures, drinking tea, and looking up funny images of alpacas!
Janelle Sands
Janelle, a Pittsburgh native, is a junior studying computer science and cellist. She is excited to mentor for CodeIt for the second time and share the excitement of coding in a friendly environment.
Lucy Zhang
Lucy is a freshman from LA studying math and computer science major. Her favorite hobbies include playing water polo and piano. During her free time, she enjoys playing with puppies, eating dark chocolate, and looking at spicy memes.
Lisa Yoo
Lisa is a computer science major from New York who enjoys playing tennis and making music. She is excited to be a part of CodeIt as a mentor, and can’t wait to see what creative projects the girls come up with!
Maya Lathi
Hi! I'm a freshman majoring in Brain and Cognitive Science from Palo Alto, CA. Outside of school I play varsity basketball, work in a cancer research lab, and am involved in my sorority.


  • Jennifer Lee - Spring 2016 to Spring 2018 (External Relations)
  • Kelsey Chan - Fall 2015 to Spring 2018 (Lead Instructor, Adviser)
  • Kelsey Wong - Spring 2015 to Fall 2017 (Lead Instructor, President)
  • Stephanie O'Brien - Spring 2016 to Fall 2017 (Student Coordinator)
  • Raul Boquin - Fall 2016 to Spring 2017 (Lead Instructor)
  • Michele Miao - Fall 2016 (Logistics)
  • Isabel Chien - Spring 2016 (Logistics)
  • Nadia Wallace - Fall 2015 (Mentor Coordinator)
  • Patience Stevens - Fall 2015 (Mentor Coordinator)
  • Kaitlin Mahar - Fall 2015 (Logistics)
  • Zara Perumal - Fall 2015 (Student Coordinator)
  • Katrine Tjoelsen - Spring 2015 (Founder)
  • Pam Cai - Spring 2015 (Founding Member)
  • Stephanie New - Spring 2015 (Founding Member)
  • Charlotte Zhu - Spring 2015 (Founding Member)